Get to know the 10 types of job interviews and how to deal with them

Get to know the 10 types of job interviews and how to deal with them

Each job interview session is certainly different. It involves different interviewers, different ambitions and different ways. Of course sometimes taking a job interview feels a little scary or worrying.

But no need to worry. Get to know the types of interviews that often occur and prepare yourself for them. Guaranteed your work interview will take place smoothly.

Check out the 10 types of job interviews and how to deal with them below.

Traditional interview

This type of job interview is the most common. You sit on one side of the table and the interviewers will sit opposite you. They ask questions to find out if you are the right person they are looking for.

Master and identify the types of questions that often appear in traditional interviews here .

Phone interview

You were asked to take an interview via telephone? Usually this is the stage of the earliest interview that intends to see the compatibility or availability of your time for the next full interview. So the first impression is very decisive. Don't underestimate and treat this type of job interview like a direct interview.

Make sure your telephone connection is good and answer questions with voice intonation and pronunciation of clear and unstoppable words.

Video interview

In today's sophisticated era, many companies have begun to implement a job interview system through video conferencing or video call connections. Can use Skype or other video conference applications .

Make sure your appearance is perfect and remain professional during the interview, even if you are at home or in the room during the interview. Most importantly, make sure your video signal and communication device are functioning properly and optimally. You don't want the interview to break in the middle of the road due to signal interference, right?

Case interview

This is the type of interview that has a special format where you are given a problem or case or puzzle that must be solved. Usually, this type of interview is done when the company will recruit consultants. But several other companies began to implement this type of interview.

Puzzle interview

Large companies like Google and some others have long abandoned the traditional job interview model. They prefer the puzzle interview , the job interview process by asking "puzzle" questions to the interview participants. Usually the questions will be random because they want to see the speed we solve the problem or get out of trouble. The answer does not always have to be true, but the way you explain will be very decisive.

Interview at lunch

Have you ever been asked to come to an interview at a restaurant during lunch? If ever, then you're a little lucky. Usually, that is the way someone who wants to know you in a more relaxed condition, far from the job location.

Try to choose foods that are common and "safe", not too specific and easy to digest so you don't have to bother when eating or making noise when you chew when you are dealing with a prospective employer.

Group interviews

Usually this type of interview will be present at the final stages of the job selection process. You will be faced with other candidates who clearly are your competitors fighting for the same position.

Put a flat face but not jutek too. Watch your opponents and start mapping their strengths and weaknesses in a short time. Don't stand out too much, but don't be too passive. Don't keep talking and make time to listen and digest a lot of information before speaking. Most importantly, be yourself.

Working interview

In some industries such as those involving writing or content, engineering or even sales, often you are asked to do something as part of a job interview. This means the interviewer wants to see tangible evidence of your ability for a particular position.

Make sure you understand the directions from the interviewer about what you should do. It's better to ask at the beginning than to regret and make a late mistake.

Panel interview

If indeed the position you are applying for in one company requires you to report to more than one boss, then there is a possibility that you will take part in a panel interview involving several people at one time.

Facing this type of job interview requires more effort. Prepare yourself for different types of people with different questions. Get to know who from those who have the highest position and try to focus on it, even if they don't leave the other interviewers.

Good eye contact and gestures must also be done in interview sessions like this. Because they are watching you from many different angles.

Job fair interview

When you go to a career fair or job fair , many companies often ask for direct interviews. this type of interview usually takes place quickly, around 10-15 minutes per person. Therefore you must be able to "sell yourself" in such a short time. Afterwards, if they are interested, you will definitely be invited for a follow-up interview.

Make sure you have done a good research about the companies involved in the event. At least there is an overview before meeting with their representatives. Prepare straightforward and straightforward answers because of the limited time.

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