7 Ways To Take Good Interview

7 Ways To Take Good Interview

Regarding the world of education or the world of work, generally we will not be separated from the interview stage. This interview can be undertaken by someone who wants to continue their education to college, or who will apply for a job to a company. Basically, interview tests or job interviews  are no less important tests in determining whether someone is accepted or not to work after the test or psychological test. This is because the HRD (Human Resource Development) will know how our attitudes, behavior and ability to be able to quickly adapt to the atmosphere and workflow that exists in the company.

With this interview or interview stage, the company will usually find out how fast the applicant can make a decision in solving problems that are always present in the world of work. Because the back and forth of a company depends on the performance of its employees, the interview process is highly relied on by the company so that it does not want to be wrong in choosing the people who will be their employees. When the interview test takes place, generally people will experience tension, especially for the person who first applied for a job. So from here not a few people fail at that stage.

For this reason, on this occasion we will discuss ways to deal with good interview tests so that we can better prepare ourselves for the test. Humans can only try as much as possible and for the results themselves we leave it all to God Almighty. Before conducting the interview phase, it's good for applicants to dig deeper into information about the company you're applying for. Examples are what type of company and what activities are in the company you are applying for. From here you as an applicant can measure how well we are able to receive at the company. And here are some ways you can succeed in facing interview tests in the world of work.

1. Pay attention to appearance

The first way to get a good interview is to pay attention to appearance. Your appearance is indeed very important when going to do an interview test, because the first thing that is seen by people who will do the interview is appearance. It is recommended that during the interview you should wear formal clothing such as brightly colored but not flashy shirts. You should not wear pants made from jeans. Try to look neat both in terms of clothing and from the things that support the assessment process that will be given.

2. Come Early
Try to arrive earlier than the specified time and do not make the person who will interview you wait because it will reduce the evaluation points for discipline. By arriving early, you can prepare yourself as well as possible and manage your emotions, control unnecessary stress and gather your mind to stay focused so that the interview process will go well.

3. Be polite and assertive

fter you are called to enter the interview room, you must first knock on the door and give a greeting, after you are welcome to enter immediately the interviewer's handshake is firm. This firm handshake will serve to show the applicant's enthusiasm for the job and the ongoing interview process. And don't forget to give a smiley and friendly face to the interviewer to be an additional point. Do not bring outside problems when you will be interviewed because they will have a bad effect on you.

4. Answer every question with clear and concise
When the interview process takes place, try to always make eye contact with the interviewer. Don't make a blank look or even daydream. Eye contact alone serves to give the view that you are a very serious person to get a job in the desired position. When asked, give a short and clear answer, because if you give a long answer but don't go to the core of the answer to the question given, it will be a waste of time and may reduce your judgment in the eyes of the interviewer. A long answer will also create the impression that you do not understand and capture the question that has been given. Long answers can also raise new questions that are confusing to those who interview.

5. Create a comfortable atmosphere

Create a comfortable atmosphere with the interviewer and ask questions related to the job you're applying for. For example, you want to know more details about the company in terms of the activities carried out or workflows that must be followed. With these questions you will be much closer to the HRD (interviewer).

In the interview process, applicants must also be able to maintain emotions. Especially if the interviewer asks the reason why you made the decision to move from the previous company. Do not let you convey things that are bad or even your problem with the company before the interviewer. You can answer "I moved from the previous company because the opportunity to develop my ability in this company is very large." In this way, there is no party that is bullied by us, and the interviewer can understand it and accept it.

6. Show Enthusiastic Work
Give confidence to the company that you want to contribute more to advancing the company and want to work hard to make it happen. At this stage, you also have to be good at selling the abilities you have to the company, so the interviewer is sure of the abilities you have. Also show enthusiasm to work to provide good progress and benefits to the company.

Also set expectations for working at the company. The point here is in the process of filling in your work form, do not write down or fix unreasonable prices and request facilities that cannot be fulfilled by the company. Instead of asking for excessive, we better try to give the best so that we can advance the company. Because then there will be a reciprocal relationship between the company and us as employees who work. With this, the company will also judge us as individuals who work well and later salaries and facilities will come naturally if we have given the best.

7. Say Thank You

 Finally, the way to run a good interview is to convince yourself and make a resume from the interview process. When you will end the interview process, make sure that you have enough and no one wants to ask again. This is because when you leave your room, try not to feel confused and hang up. Because if you have entered work you will not be able to follow everything properly. And if it feels enough to say thank you to the interviewer because he has been given the opportunity to be able to explain about the ability and information about personal so that it can be a reference to be accepted to work in the company.

Even though the final results cannot be determined whether accepted or not, you also need to make a resume or conclusion from the interview process that has been done. Make a small note of the interviews that have been running so that we can know the extent to which the results we have achieved and the shortcomings that we have to improve so that later when we do another interview can minimize the mistakes made.

Receive the Results with Chest
This is some information regarding good interview procedures . Hopefully with this explanation, you and the applicants who will conduct interviews can run the interview process successfully. When an announcement has appeared, you must be big-spirited when whatever results appear that you have to accept. You should not despair when the results are not as you wish. At least with the interview process we can reap the knowledge and experience that we can use later if we want to apply to other companies.

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