8 These Job Interview Tips Can Make You Remembered by Prospective Bos

8 These Job Interview Tips Can Make You Remembered by Prospective Bos

Finally you are called for an interview with the user alias the prospective boss. But, this phase makes you excited because you have to be able to give memorable impressions to the prospective boss. Well, let me be more relaxed, let's look at the following job interview tips.

If you apply the following job interview tips, you are guaranteed to be more remembered by prospective bosses.

1. Attractive appearance according to company profile

In accordance with the saying "from the eyes down to the heart", even when you interview with the prospective boss, too.

You have to give good impressions from the start by wearing attractive clothes. Interesting here doesn't have to be formal, you know. However, you can adjust it to the company profile you are aiming for.

For conservative companies, such as banks and companies that have been around for a long time, you should wear formal clothing. However, for a freer startup company , you can be a little creative.

2. Pay attention to your attitude since in the lobby

You might not even meet the user in the lobby. However, the user may notice you without your knowledge.

So, it's a good idea just in case, pay attention to your attitude while in the lobby waiting for an interview call.

It's not wrong to check your cellphone but if there are other candidates beside you, it's good to just talk. If there are readings around you that can be read, it is better to choose to read than to look at the cellphone.

3. Ready to be available to shake hands with the user

When called to enter the user's room, make sure you are ready to shake hands with the user.

Therefore, make sure you have trimmed your luggage. For example, a cellphone is inserted into a pocket or bag. Left hand holds CV. Meanwhile, the right hand is ready for office with confidence.

This shows you are really preparing and not falling apart.

4. Look enthusiastic and reduce nervousness

Actually, it's a bit nervous when it comes to job interviews, it's not a problem for the user. Users will understand that nervousness is common and users will try to relax you.

Let you be different from other candidates, it's good to try to be enthusiastic and not nervous. Users will usually be more amazed when you are so excited about the job and can handle yourself.

5. Prepare interesting introductory sentences

The next job interview tip is to prepare interesting sentences when you are asked to introduce yourself.

This question is a little tricky . You can just describe all your work history and experience to attract the user's attention. However, it turns out this will be boring.

The user just wants to know the details about you related to the job being applied. So, try to make the introductory sentence straight to the point without rambling.

6. Mention experiences that are relevant to the job you are applying for

Similar to the previous point, mention the relevant experience when you were asked about work experience.

You can mention the work experience accompanied by an explanation of the job description . From there, let the conversation flow between you and the user.

So, you don't need to explain too much because the user will usually ask some details if he is curious.

7. Prepare questions for the user

An interesting job interview is if communication takes place in two directions. So, you are not just answering the questions asked but trying to ask back.

If you have a question to ask, it shows that you have an interest in the company.

There are two tips for asking questions for the user. First, you ask based on the questions you have prepared from home. Second, you must be enthusiastic when asking questions so something can be asked.

8. End well and ask the next step

At the end of the job interview, you can emphasize your interest in the job you're applying for. Then, ask also the next step. For example, about what steps will be followed later and when you will be contacted again if you pass.

Don't forget to say thank you for the availability of user time to call you for an interview.

Now, are you ready to face the user during the interview? Hopefully this job interview tips can help you make yourself confident without needing SKSD, aka pretentious close to prospective bosses.

What you definitely need to remember is to talk without exaggerating. Believe me, your prospective boss will prefer people who are not made up.

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